Leopard Print Eyelash Empty Boxes (100 Ct)


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If you’re a lover of lashes, you know that keeping them stored and ready to go is important. Without proper storage, you run the risk of wrinkling them, tearing out the hairs or otherwise making them difficult to wear. Whether you need a place to store your store-bought false lashes or make your own, with the Leopard Print Eyelash Empty Boxes (50 Piece), you’ll have plenty of room to keep them safely stored. These neutral leopard print pack comes with 50 boxes that pop up to create a rectangular shape capable of holding even pairs of large, fan-style eyelashes as wide as 25 millimeters. Each box has a neutral, unique hologram pattern that makes them easy to quickly locate on your vanity and looks great beside any colorful makeup brushes and cosmetic bags. The leopard print boxes stay folded up flat until you’re ready to use them at which point they pop up, saving plenty of space. Each one measures 10.5 centimeters by 5 centimeters in size, making storage a simple process.

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